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Title #1439259 Multiple Engineering/Software Developer Positions
Company Microsensor Labs

Chicago-based Microsensor Labs ( has multiple full-time/part-time openings for software developer and engineers.

Microsensor Labs is a technology startup that develops novel sensor solutions to improve the quality of health care. Our sensor technologies offer enhanced diagnostic capabilities and positive behavior intervention to make people’s lives healthier and easier.

The candidates will work in an excellent environment for professional development. Microsensor Labs has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in medicine, life science, computer science and engineering. The company also provides team members access to digital library, learning materials, workshops and conferences.

Microsensor Labs has a company culture that promotes open communication, team work, respect and recognition. Every team member owns shares in the company. Other than highly competitive compensation package, the candidates will also receive benefits and fringe benefits including health insurance, retirement plan, flexible work hours, etc.

1)Android based IoT/Bluetooth developer (starting Fall 2018)
- Familiar with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) APIs on Android and BLE firmware
- Familiar with Bluetooth / BLE protocols and networking technologies (Wi-Fi, Ethernet and TCP/IP etc)
- Experience with BLE hardware preferred
- Understanding of IoT security and cloud API technologies a plus
- 3 + years of related experience

2) Senior back-end/full-stack web developer (starting Fall/Winter 2018)
- Proficient in Python programming language
- Proficient in Django-based database and RESTful API development
- Experience with web / mobile application front-end development preferred
- Experience with large scale data statistical analysis is a plus
- Experience with cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure) or IoT platform (e.g. AWS IoT) preferred
- 5+ years of web development experience

3) Front-end web developer (starting Fall/Winter 2018)

- Excellent HTML, CSS, Javascript skills
- Strong Experience in at least one front-end framework
- Familiar with Ajax and REST APIs
- Experience in web interface design, cross-browser/platform UI/UX skills and knowledge
- Experience in various data visualization preferred
- 3 + years of experience

Please send your CV to if interested. Please indicate which job opening(s) you are applying for.

Interview priorities will be given to candidates who can provide link to your open-source codes, work samples, video demo or PPT presentation.

Location Chicago, IL
Deadline 31 December 2018

Job Type Full Time