Job Posting

Title Film Internship
Company PME, UChicago

STAGE – Scientists, Technologists and Artists Generating Exploration – is a laboratory within the University of Chicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering, in which we create and develop multimedia theatre work inspired by science and technology.

For Winter and Spring 2020, we are looking for a few students to join an existing team of dedicated students on CURIOSITY: The Making of a Scientist, a film-based project with a focus on storytelling, science communication and filmmaking. Each episode of CURIOSITY takes us into the lab and life of a scientist. The series explores what motivates and is involved in choosing a career in science, what inspires scientific investigation, and the nature of curiosity itself.

We are looking for experienced and beginner filmmakers with hybrid film making skills as well as a flexible mindset to take on multiple roles in our project, i.e. camera person, story editor, interviewer, lighting technician, advanced sound designer etc. We are seeking both scientists and artists who want to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of filmmaking and engage in interdisciplinary collaborations. This is a team-driven project that requires a willingness to explore a non-traditional method of filmmaking. Specifically, we use the scientific process as a model for our filmmaking process; that is, we are invested in the exploratory process as much as we are in the outcome. We have several experienced UChicago students already working on this project who will guide newer students through the process. We mentor and train students extensively in the required skills to work on the projects. Once accepted, successful students are encouraged to apply to the various University funding channels for paid positions on CURIOSITY over the summer.

First interviews are held on a rolling basis till positions get filled. As a general rule, therefore, applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Location PME, STAGE Lab
Deadline 28 February 2020

web series
Job Type Internship