Job Posting

Title Junior Machine Learning Developer
Company Jason Salavon Studio (UChicago)

The studio/laboratory of faculty member Jason Salavon is seeking programmers to work on ongoing machine learning projects.

Supported by the studio and the Neubauer Collegium, this work investigates the intersection of art, culture, and state-of-the-art machine learning. See for details.

We are looking for enthusiastic junior developers interested in working around:

- Deep Learning
- TensorFlow & Keras
- Deploying models to the wild through app and web development
- Large image and audio datasets
- Rapid experimentation & exploration

While preferred, machine learning experience is not required. Proficiency in Python under Linux is necessary. Strength in math will help, as will app and/or web development experience.

Location Midway Studios, UChicago campus
Deadline 31 December 2018

Job Type Part Time